Definition: involving trust, especially with regard to the relationship between a trustee and a beneficiary.

Our Promise To You

Privacy is a universal right. Here’s how we help you express that right:

Spartacus was developed by a new company called Data Fiduciary Inc. that was established to help you take back control of your identity online by helping you protect your data and your privacy. The relationship we have with you as a fiduciary is one which is based on trust both ways like between you and your doctor, or your accountant, or your lawyer. We take your data seriously and want to establish an understanding for how we can offer the most value to you in this new relationship. Think of this agreement as a live, interactive human privacy policy.

In agreeing to become a Spartacus customer we hereby promise to be your faithful data fiduciary as follows:

  1. We will always put your data rights first in everything we do.
  2. We will never sell access to you through any of our channels: no advertisers, no marketers, no data brokers, no credit bureaus, no AI.
  3. You are our customer, not our product. Rather than targeting you as a cohort, we want to engage you as a human being.
  4. We will only offer products and services that we believe provide the most value in terms of protecting you and your data.
  5. We will request as little data from you as necessary to protect you, and we will delete any data we have about you when we no longer need it to protect you.

In exchange, you acknowledge the following as a customer of Spartacus:

  1. You agree to get your digital health tested diagnostically through our risk score on a regular basis.
  2. You agree to let Spartacus represent you with 3rd parties in order to restrict their ongoing access to your data.
  3. You understand that in order to reduce your risk score further you may be required to adopt security tools and habits of protection that introduce friction in your life and may slow things down for you.
  4. You understand that in order to help protect you, we need you to evolve your interactions with technology to practice safe data behaviors.
  5. You acknowledge that while there is no magic button you can press to guarantee your privacy and security, you are committed to working with Spartacus to get closer to that vision.

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